Songs and Tales from the Great Whale CD


Songs and Tales from the Great Whale CD


Our debut album!

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We recorded most of this album way back in the spring of 2007! That was before our brother Matt joined the band on drums and before our singer Ruth could even talk! We always thought fondly of these recordings. There was so much inspiration and good spirit in them! Nine years later our family was magically all together making music. We dug up these old songs, rewrote and recorded a few things and mixed it all together. And now here it is for your whole family to enjoy, with love from our family!


Gabe Cipes: bass, guitar, percussion, voice
Ezra Cipes: guitar, keyboards, percussion, voice
Ari Cipes: guitar, bass, didgeridoo, voice
Ruth Cipes: voice
Matthew Cipes: voice
Daniel Krakauer: drums, percussion, beatbox
CocoKami Wing: percussion
Tina Cradock-Henry: flute (3) 
Manoj Haley: percussion (4) 
Dustin Cromarty: voice (5) 
Ellsie Kay: fiddle (1), guitar, cello, voice (6) 
Glenn Denault: chanting/drumming (6) 
Sally Scanie: chanting/drumming (6) 
Conor Mack: chanting/drumming (6) 
Kelly Badger: chanting/drumming (6) 
Skamish: Shingebiss intro narration (6) 
Teena Ree Gowdy: voice (8) 
Christine Moore: flute, piccolo (8) 
and the “Cooking with Monkey” Kids Choir (4,5) 

Produced by The Oot n' Oots except "Shingebiss" produced by Ellsie Kay & The Oot n' Oots * All songs by The Oot n' Oots except "Shingebiss" by Ellsie Kay and “Have You Had Breakfast Yet” by The Oot n’ Oots & Dustin Cromarty (SOCAN) * Recorded by Michael Laveck - Additional recording by Ezra Cipes & Kaylub Burke* Mixed by The Oot n’ Oots * Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound
Cover art and design by Richard Clegg * Inside illustration by Natty Boonmasiri & Gabe Cipes

Special thank you to: Fred Tissington, Humberto Morales, Ellamir Froese, Rome Donati, Claire Donati-Simmons, Chelsea Wise, Dayna Kneeland, Gord Oaks, Alexis Costello, Rio Branner, Erin Mondey, Megan Dunne, Wendy Weiss, Stephen Cipes, Akivah & Eleorah, Abbey & Sophia, Rie & Esther, Uma Wenona, Jada Muehlenberg, Sequoia Henning, Neil Gray, Wentworth Music Kelowna, and all the kids and families that participated in these sessions!