Today we saw a bear! -Tour Journal, May 27

Today we saw a bear! A big, brown one.

On our way from Kelowna, over the Rocky Mountains to the Northern Alberta International Children's Festival of the Arts in St. Albert, Alberta, we pulled off the highway in Malakwa, BC to watch the spring melt water flow and listen to the birds. Rio and Ruth stayed in the car, because Rio is afraid of bears, while Ari and I walked into the woods. We didn't walk far before we saw what were unmistakably bear droppings. We only stayed a couple of moments to marvel at a waterfall, try to identify a few wild plants, and be eaten by mosquitos before we turned back towards the car. As we neared the clearing we heard Rio yell to us. A big, old grizzly bear had just crossed right in front of the car and headed into the same patch of woods as us! We hooted and hollered and jogged back to the car. What a thrill!

Now we are safe in bed at the Swiss Village Motel in beautiful Golden, BC. Tomorrow we will drive the rest of the way to St. Albert in time for sound check.


New Music Video!

Here it is, the first music video from Electric Jellyfish Boogaloo! It's Dust Pan!

This was the most fun video to make! Not only did we get to make a tremendous mess, but we got to animate regular objects by using them as puppets. So fun!

When we were originally thinking about making this video, we were trying to figure out how best to tell the story. We liked the idea of puppets, but we had ideas about what a puppet was supposed to be. They were things on strings, or things that you put your hands inside with googly eyes. Right? We consulted with a master puppeteer, Cathy Stubbington, who opened our minds to the idea that ANYTHING could be animated, and thus become a puppet!

Our dear friend Denise Kenney, associate professor of Interdisciplinary Performance at UBC-O, helped us direct the shoot, along with her daughter Mae, fellow UBC-O instructor Miles Thorogood, and Oot n' Oots family Megan and Rio providing production assistance.

We had the youngest members of our family, Akivah, Eleorah, and Uma plus our friends Tylan and Rylee, play the part of "Mary, Larry, Lenny and me".

It was a blast! Enjoy, like, share and please subscribe to our youtube channel!

Uncle Johnny's Holiday Jokes

Uncle Johnny's back with more jokes for the holidays!

If you don't know John, he is a light in our lives. With a great sense of humour, John comes up with puns and jokes as he goes about his day. We always tell him to write them down, and one day we decided that it would be even better to start capturing them on video!

So without further ado:

We love performing these bits with John. He is a natural! If you enjoyed this video, and can't wait for more, please subscribe to our youtube channel at the link under the video.

Happy holidays! Love from The Oot n' Oots and Uncle Johnny

Introducing Uncle Johnny

Ruth's Uncle Johnny is from England. He has been washing the dishes at the Bohemian Cafe in Kelowna, BC for 20 years. They better get this man a watch when he retires!

John loves to make up jokes. He comes up with new ones all the time. We love his jokes and are so glad to share them with you in our new video series: Uncle Johnny's Jokes!

Stay tuned, Johnny has lots more jokes to tell! We'll post more videos so please subscribe to our youtube channel.

Hands in the Ground Video Released

We are so proud to share our latest music video! Our friend Shri Ananda of Wellness Realization Productions, who is an extremely talented inspirational speaker, musician and filmmaker, directed, shot and edited. We invited a bunch of our friends to Gabe's veggie garden and this is what we came up with:

There was so much good vibes that went into this particular song and video. We are so happy to put this out into the world!

Please subscribe to our youtube channel, there is more to come! And please share this video with your friends.