Today we saw a bear! -Tour Journal, May 27

Today we saw a bear! A big, brown one.

On our way from Kelowna, over the Rocky Mountains to the Northern Alberta International Children's Festival of the Arts in St. Albert, Alberta, we pulled off the highway in Malakwa, BC to watch the spring melt water flow and listen to the birds. Rio and Ruth stayed in the car, because Rio is afraid of bears, while Ari and I walked into the woods. We didn't walk far before we saw what were unmistakably bear droppings. We only stayed a couple of moments to marvel at a waterfall, try to identify a few wild plants, and be eaten by mosquitos before we turned back towards the car. As we neared the clearing we heard Rio yell to us. A big, old grizzly bear had just crossed right in front of the car and headed into the same patch of woods as us! We hooted and hollered and jogged back to the car. What a thrill!

Now we are safe in bed at the Swiss Village Motel in beautiful Golden, BC. Tomorrow we will drive the rest of the way to St. Albert in time for sound check.