New Music Video!

Here it is, the first music video from Electric Jellyfish Boogaloo! It's Dust Pan!

This was the most fun video to make! Not only did we get to make a tremendous mess, but we got to animate regular objects by using them as puppets. So fun!

When we were originally thinking about making this video, we were trying to figure out how best to tell the story. We liked the idea of puppets, but we had ideas about what a puppet was supposed to be. They were things on strings, or things that you put your hands inside with googly eyes. Right? We consulted with a master puppeteer, Cathy Stubbington, who opened our minds to the idea that ANYTHING could be animated, and thus become a puppet!

Our dear friend Denise Kenney, associate professor of Interdisciplinary Performance at UBC-O, helped us direct the shoot, along with her daughter Mae, fellow UBC-O instructor Miles Thorogood, and Oot n' Oots family Megan and Rio providing production assistance.

We had the youngest members of our family, Akivah, Eleorah, and Uma plus our friends Tylan and Rylee, play the part of "Mary, Larry, Lenny and me".

It was a blast! Enjoy, like, share and please subscribe to our youtube channel!