Hootenanny at the Jalopy

When Bill Childs invited us to participate at a Hootenanny style networking party for the kindie scene in Brooklyn, NY, we originally said no. New York was just too far to go for a glorified open mic. But a day later we had a feeling that we had to somehow make it there and connect with all of these artists and advocates who are doing such inspiring work, and we emailed Bill back to see if it wasn’t too late to change our mind.

Bill and Stephanie, the two organizers, got eighteen acts to come, and paired them up so that nine sets would be performed, each 20 minutes long. They paired us with Red Yarn from Portland, Oregon. We were already aware of Red Yarn and were big fans, but we had never met. We called up Andy (Red Yarn’s real name) to start planning what we would do. Lucky for us, Andy is a fantastic human being. We decided to drive to Portland to visit Andy the week before the Hootenanny to learn the songs and put together a short set. It didn’t make sense for the whole band to go, so we sent Ruth and Ezra as our delegation.

At the venue everyone was very friendly. We met some legendary performers. Here is the full list of artists who performed that night:

Matt Baron (of Future Hits) & Little Miss Ann 
Sarah Aroeste & Joanie Leeds 
Alastair Moock & Ratboy Jr. 
Tim Kubart & MARIO the maker magician (Mario didn’t make it to the show)
Red Yarn & The Oot n' Oots
Carly Ciarrocchi & Dan Zanes + Claudia Eliaza
SaulPaul & 123 Andrés
Josh Lovelace & Suzi Shelton 
Alex Mitnick (of Alex & the Kaleidoscope) & Shawana Kemp (of Shine and the Moonbeams)

Also at the party were even more kids artists. Some of them our personal heroes. We won’t list them all for fear of leaving anyone out. But do yourself a favour and follow those links above. There is some beautiful and hilarious music to be experienced.

Here are two songs from Red Yarn and our set:

Subscribe to Red Yarn’s youtube page, too. There may be more videos of our performance together appearing there soon!

Much love,

The Oot n’ Oots