I Like It Saucy - Video Debut

This video is by far the most ambitious one we’ve made. A lot of friends pitched in to help.

We met Gustavo the Impossiblist at the St Albert International Children’s Festival and made fast friends. Under the goggles is actor Dean Bareham of Green Fools Theatre. Dean is a master bouffon clown and physical actor. Making a video with Dean and his partner in theatre and life, Shelley, was a real thrill for us. They were so generous and wonderful, and we laughed the entire time!

And how could we not mention our good friend Hugo Bowman joining the cast as “Brother John” the guest judge! Hugo just turned 11. We played Dungeons & Dragons almost every week this past summer with Hugo and his mom Norah and have become true buddies. We couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the part, and Hugo nailed it!

Behind the camera was Denise Kenney, who also helped us film Dust Pan. Not holding a camera, but joining Denise to help direct the chaos was Neil Cadger. Both Denise and Neil are associate professors of interdisciplinary performance at UBCO, and co-founders of Inner Fish Performance. It was incredible to have their support and skill!

The whole video was filmed on location at Kelowna’s Start Fresh Kitchen, a social enterprise and collaborative cooking space with a non-profit mission. Getting to know the founders Sara and Michael Buffett was amazing. Kind hearted people working hard and making a difference. And their space was absolutely perfect!

Hope you enjoy!!!